Tuesday, December 29, 2009

These are a few of our favorite things...

Shaelyn Jade has been getting a little bored with me at home these past couple weeks...the few toys I had for her were no longer keeping her interested, and a couple weeks ago, in desperation, I resorted to getting out pots and pans for her to bang on...anything NEW! Not this week, though... we are set and ready to play with all our Christmas gifts!

Her "big" gift from Santa this year is her walker...we were so proud of it until Dr. Brooks told us that the Board of Pediatrics "frowns" upon them as dangerous.... BOOOOOOO!!!! She loves it! :) ...and we love watching her find her legs! Now she's following me everywhere! She was trying to tell you guys all about it when I took her picture!

New blocks I can CHEW on!!!

Matching kicks from Daddy...

Thanks Nonni and Poppi for my new giraffe to ride on! I love him!

...and even bathtime will be more fun with my new water toys!!!

Thank you Santa for spicing up our days a little! :)

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