Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A surprise for my mom... and one for ME!

I took my mom on a surprise date last night. Dinner @ Wild Ginger, then to Sips N Strokes, a "paint-your-own-canvas" studio where you bring your own snacks and beverages, and they provide the canvas, paint, and instruction! It was so fun...and in the end, even we had masterpieces we were proud of!

For many years growing up, I wished I had a sister... but these days, I am SO THANKFUL that I don't have to share my mama! :) I love my time with her!!!

Then, when I got home, there was a surprise waiting for ME! I have told Rich, several times in passing, that it would be fun if we had a firepit. One of the downers to winter, for me, is that you have to be inside more... and I LOVE being outside! When I got home from my date with my mom, Rich was laying on the couch, looking like he'd been there all night... and said he'd left Shaelyn Jade's monitor out back. I went outside to get it, and look what was waiting for me!!!

My very own firepit! When I turned around to look at Rich, he already had his coat on, and mine in his hand! :)

...complete with wood and smores...a beautiful ROSE... and the best part was the sweetest card from my Rich's heart...

This happy wife ended another wonderful day beside a warm fire, in my back yard, with my favorite friend...talking about all of the happy memories and good talks we will have around this firepit!
Thank you, Rich, for making my life so full of happy moments!


  1. so sweet! I'm so excited you made it to paint!! Lovin ' the santa one:)

  2. I loved reading your blog tonight!! So sad that I have to catch up with you by reading this, but SO thankful we have technology! :)Rich is so sweet! What a sweet and perfect surprise!! I want to come over and hang around the fire pit sometime... maybe we can get some REALLY good wine too! lol
    Love you!