Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goin' To The Chapel.....

So it was a normal, boring, Monday night... until I received a text from Tricia, one of my best friends in the world that said, "YOU SHOULD CALL ME SOON!". Now I will be honest, I have been sorta putting the pressure on her man, Worth, for a little while now... but only in my head, and pillow talk with Rich. When Tricia met Worth, a new sense of peace and comfortability seemed to radiate from her, and I really thought, early on, that he could be "the one"... and INDEED HE IS! His sneaky self has had a ring for her since mid-October, and his only concern was that he SURPRISED her with his proposal... and THAT HE DID! He passed her Novemeber 2 birthday, a recent trip to Charleston, and Thanksgiving...days that I had thought he might pop the question... and he waited, instead, for a normal, boring Monday to burst through her front door (which by the way scared a scream out of her!!!) and immediately hit his knee... and KNOCKED HER SOCKS OFF!!! The rest, as "they" say (whoever "they" is...), is history! We are SO EXCITED for our friends. She is truly one of my oldest friends, and we have remained best friends since we were 14. We have been through so many of life's ups and downs together, and I am so excited to celebrate this time with her. Worth is PERFECT for her... and we love him already!
For the record, no date yet... don't rush them, PEOPLE!!!! :) I'll keep you posted...

We were so happy when they showed up at our house close to 11 pm on this no-longer-boring Monday night... Rich and I waited in the street and jumped up and down and screamed with joy when they drove up! I have waited to share this moment with her for so long!!!!

The ring is FABULOUS! Worth really outdid himself with thoughtfulness... the ring is composed of three diamonds: one from his grandmother's engagement ring, one from his mother's, and a new one for his new bride-to-be!!

The happy couple... When they called and said they were coming Rich insisted on going out, late as it was, and getting some sparkling champagne...So here's to Worth and Tricia!!! We love you guys!

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