Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Tori...

I have known my friend, Tori, since the 2nd grade. I literally remember the first day I met her as I walked into First Baptist Church, Franklin's 2nd grade Sunday School class (shout out to Mrs. Butler!), a country girl from Dickson, just so nervous that all these city girls would not like me... but low and behold, I found a friend in Tori... and we have been friends ever since! A few years later, my parents decided to move to Franklin, and it was Tori who first told me of a school called BGA that her sister went to, that she was going to go to...and with her being my closest Franklin friend, it was Tori who kinda led me there... We have so many memories together that warm my heart, make me laugh out loud, make me blush, and make me so THANKFUL for old friends. Tori and I have always kept up, through the years, no matter where either of us are in life...and no matter how long goes by, whether a few hours or a few months since our last conversation, it is always like an old glove that just "fits"... Tori is HILARIOUSLY funny, without trying to be...she has a heart for the less fortunate in life... she loves the Lord and has the most giving spirit... and I am so excited that she married the man of her dreams, Derek, in May and is so happy with him! Tori, I love you. I am so thankful for our memories and so excited about the millions more we will make! I cannot believe you are 28, old lady---- seems like yesterdday we were only 12!!!! Hope your birthday is wonderful! I love you, friend!

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