Saturday, February 20, 2010

In My Own Words

So, as we have discussed...this blog of yours has become a journal of our lives together, and I enjoy reading your take on our lives everytime you make a new post! Although I do not possess your flair for the written word, I hoped, as your final birthday gift, to add my own addition to our story so far...In my own words. I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love you, and that over this past year I have watched you grow into an even more beautiful, wonderful, caring and compassionate woman...framed by your love for our little princess, and your deepening commitment to Our Father in Heaven.

Dana, I wanted to remind you on this day, your 28th birthday, of how much you mean to me, and I wanted to document it in the pages of your journal. Seven years ago now, God introduced me to a brassy, funny, sweet and sassy little southern girl...little did I know that His main purpose was so that you in turn could introduce me to Him. He took all my wants, and more importantly, my needs, and rolled them up into YOU! And though sometimes you frustrate me more than anything, I know that He gave you to me because without you I would be...well...who I was when you met me. I am constantly amazed at the joy you have for life, and the ease with which that rubs off on others...and always find myself challenged by you to become a better husband, father, friend and follower of Christ.

Although I often (if not always) fall short of the man you deserve, please know that in my deepest of hearts, my desire in this life is to take us wherever God calls us to be...As I watched you celebrate your birthday with so many close friends and family members, I realized that the longevity and depth of your relationships is a testament to how well you love others. this next year of your life moves on, rest assured that though you are loved by many, you are truly cherished by two...I love you Dana, and am always so proud to walk into any room with you on my arm...From the moment we said "I Do" until the wheels fall off...and all the moments in between...

Love always,

Your Rich


  1. Oh my. Crying here. But glad to be crying A) for a reason other than pregnancy hormones, and B) for sweet words describing one of my favorite real-life soul-mate stories ... love you guys!

  2. Rich, you're even cooler than I thought. Y'all are precious. b