Monday, February 8, 2010

So this is what 3 feels like!

This weekend, Sonya and Drason had a "date night" and Rich and I took on their two kiddos, plus Shaelyn Jade...

Livi loves treating Shaely Jade like a baby... she is sooooo much older and wiser! ;)

...and Shaelyn Jade wasn't too sure she wanted to share her johnny-jump-up with Bane! It was his first go at it and he loved it...I just can't believe how big he is fast!

Call us crazy, but we decide to venture out with this group- to O'Charley's! People just stared at us as we walked in with 2 car seats and a toddler!

Bane was such a good boy all night...except for RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF DINNER... you know, right when the food finally got to the table, and then he demanded that we hold him! :) Isn't that how it goes? :)

Livi Drae was so sweet. She loved her bath with Shaelyn Jade's friends, and insisted that she bring them out of the tub to share her "before bedtime" treat! Love this girl!!!

The funny thing was that Shaelyn Jade konked out on us early...and we got to enjoy Sonya's babies all night. It is still surreal, sometimes, that she and I actually are grown up, now, and have each other's babies to we always dreamed of! These mundane Saturday nights of doing nothing special really are, special! Rich and I decided it is physically impossible to ever end up with three kiddos of our own THIS close together(except in the case of multiples)...but it was fun to look forward to the day when our family will grow, again...and get a taste of what it will feel like! :)

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