Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laugh 'Til You Cry Pee

I remember back in high school, my friends and I LAUGHED all the time. I mean, the kind of laughter that makes you double over, face turn purple, tears rolling down cheeks, and pee rolling down legs!!!!Especially my best friend, Kathryne, and I. We just found EVERYTHING to be so funny! This past weekend, I had a blast from the past where I found myself, several times, legs crossed, trying with all my might to "control myself"...sometimes successfully, sometimes not!

My dearest-and-best-Aunt-Sister, Sonya, turned the big 3-0 on Friday. That's right, she's officially OLD! :) So to celebrate, her fabulous husband, Drason, pulled out all the stops and organized the most perfect surprise for her. A bunch of her closest friends (and family!) snuck down to a cozy cabin in the mountains and were hidden for a big "SURPRISE" when she came in...and thus started our weekend of fun, MUCH laughter, and memories.

I should add that this was supposed to be a SKI trip... CLASSIC since 1/2 of our group had NEVER been before! All I can say is that it was UGLY SKIING, and my hind parts are still sore this minute, not from falling, but from sliding down what seemed like a black diamond slope on my backside....LITERALLY! To say the least, LAUGH WE DID, at each other, at ourselves, at the pile of bodies (all from our group) that stacked up when we were trying to exit the ski lift. The poor guy who was running the lift had to stop the lift for us and kindly recommended that, if we couldn't stand and slide off the lift, we should probably go back to the bunny slope! It just got worse from there, people!!!

The birthday girl, carrying her skis (which she mostly did)...and then on the way home...

This picture was taken while we were still in line for skis (which took 2 hours)...which is why we still look fresh and happy. Oh you should have seen me after I'd rolled down a few hills on my head...

Of all the fun things we did, my favorite part was the laughter. Oh how true that "laughter does good like medicine!" Sonya has such a fun group of friends and it had been a long time since I had gotten to spend time with them, and I am so thankful for the memories we made!

The whole group...gals and guys...bruised bums and egos well hidden...

Oh... and the whole weekend, laughter included, was made possible by a very giving "Nonni and Poppi" who gave up their weekend to love on my little lady, who I missed terribly, but who was heart-happy with these two! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!

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